19° Triathlon Coaching





First Class: $150 for the first Month and $89 for each Month thereafter (no minimum)

Sprint/Olympic Distance: $300 for a 3 Month program

Half Ironman: $389 for a 4 Month program designed to prepare you to race at the 70.3 distance

Kona Committed: $700 for a 9 Month program to train and guide you through the stages to race at the Ironman distance

Weekend Warrior: $500 for a 12 Month program to take you from a weekend warrior to a triathlete. Three custom workouts per week to prepare you  to do sprint distance triathlons year around. Swim, Bike, Run, and stay fit forever.


The above programs include:

1) Evaluation of athlete history and race goal identification and development;

2) Personal online training program and log that is Garmin compatible. Customized programs are available for all levels of athlete. Your program will be designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs and focus on developing your fitness and race day performance;
3) A custom personalized training program delivered daily by email and online;

4) "Key"workouts that should be made a priority;

5) Access and record your training program on your mobile device;

6) Daily review of your training log with advanced program refinements made in a continuous effort to create the most effective and efficient training program possible;

7) Training and Racing Tips and Strategy including race planning and race execution;

8) Personal bike fit;

9) Unlimited e-mail contact to support your training and racing;

10) Skype sessions to discuss training and racing; and

11) 19°Coaching Discounts.

12) To help further invigorate your indoor workouts, 19° Triathlon Coaching offers eTRi Training™ with your training program. On your trainer at your own home, you can experience structured workouts, group rides, and races, designed and calculated to make you a better triathlete.

“Champions are all around us, all you have to do is train

them properly.” - A. Lydiard


The goal of the program is to develop the triathlete so he or she is capable of competing successfully at the national and international level. The program is designed for athletes to gradually, yet progressively, develop the skills required for high performance in the sport of triathlon. Athletes receive personal coaching which provides a comprehensive, positive and supportive environment that prepares the triathlete to race at his or her highest performance ability.


High performance training plans are hand-built after an extensive consultation with each triathlete.  Performance analysis, schedule reviews, and adjustments are made on an as needed basis. A communication plan is set up based upon the triathlete’s preferences. Athletes learn techniques and strategies for optimal performance. High Performance Coaching by 19° provides all the necessary ingredients to cater to the triathlete with a deep commitment to achieve his or her absolute best performances. $419.00 per month (two month minimum)


3 x 3

Your personal three year program designed to make you the best triathlete you can be.On a daily basis, you receive a highly customized progressive based training program designed for your fitness and training needs. This program is designed for highly committed triathlete who is looking to evolve to a new level and train for  peak triathlon performance. If  you have the will and desire to train to be in the optimum condition for the race distance of their choice, this program is for you. 

All you need to bring is your commitment and dedication toallow us to show you what you’re capable of. 3 years for just $2500.00 for those committed to achieve their full potential.

In addition to the items included in our standard coach program, the 3 x 3 also includes:


1) Design of a three year progressive plan based on your race distance specifically for you with unlimited emails and phone contacts for continual consultation and guidance on the path to improvement and success;

2) Nutrition monitoring;

3) Advice and guidance on recovery, nutrition, fueling and functional strength;

4) SpecificTapering and Pre-Race Nutrition;

5) One on One Coaching sessions as needed;

6) Support every stroke, pedal and step of the way. 


SBR Elite Training and Racing is a triathlon youth development program for junior  triathletes ages 8 through 16. Team members are trained by 19° coaches that are committed to building champions in the sport of triathlon. Members of the team SBR Elite squad should possess a strong desire to train as a triathlete and to compete at a high level. SBR Elite squad athletes are trained and prepped for competition at local, regional and national levels. SBR Elite squad is run in conjunction with the TRiKC Triathlon Club. There is no fee to be a member of the team.

Off Season coaching is available for a fee of $30.00 per month. This includes custom workouts which are ideal for youth triathletes initiating training in their off season with a maintenance plan and then transitioning into a fastest racing program to be ready for race season.


$39 for 45 minutes of personal coaching.

$149 for a 4 week training program including a personal stroke analysis session. 


$79 for a custom running program which is best done in the spring, fall or winter and is designed to put focus on improving your running or cycling and help you achieve maximum performance. You will have a personal online training program and log which will be reviewed and modified daily. This program allows you to focus on a specific discipline or weakness for a short period.

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