Triathlon Training Programs that Fit Like a Dream and Work Like a Charm!

19° Triathlon Coaching is your ticket to triathlon training. 19° provides is exclusively designed for the age group triathlete. The common training programs designed for professional triathletes are not appropriate when addressing the needs of the age group triathlete.

We understand that the age group triathlete is engaged in other activities such as working full time, raising a family, and going to school which compel a different training approach. Furthermore, most age groupers are not blessed with the genes of a Craig Alexander or Chrissie Wellington. If you are an age group triathlete, you have come to the right source for triathlon coaching.

19° Triathlon Coaching provides you with a custom personalized training plan designed just for your needs, abilities, and schedule. Triathlon is a single sport, not three, and our programs are specifically designed to make you a better “triathlete."

Our training system is not like any other training system you have tried or read about. Triathlon is a life time sport and our program is designed to help you avoid the most common and detrimental errors espoused by many other programs. 19° Triathlon Coaching will teach you the true secrets triathlon training and racing. So if you want a plan designed to work specifically for you, instead of the common plan, get your ticket to the 19° finish line today.

19° Triathlon Coaching puts the i in TRi!

Many triathlon training programs prescribe inappropriate training volumes which result in staleness and the inevitable slowing down. Others are obsessed with data which eventually cause an athlete to lose the intuitive feel for their own body. Optimal training does not come from a generic program or a mathematical formula. It comes from the application of a knowledge, common sense, and experience. The 19° training approach and techniques are innovative, simple and effective. With over 35 years of experience in the sport of triathlon, 19° training will help you to have a balanced and healthy life while going fast!

There is never going to be a finisher's medal without training. So get started today.

Your Source for No-Nonsense Coaching

You will not receive a cookie cutter program or a program designed for swimmers, cyclist, runners or body builders. You will receive a truly personalized triathlon program that will focus on improving your weaknesses and designed to help you avoid training injuries. Age group triathlon involves more than recording numbers in a log book or monitoring your heart rate, let 19° Triathlon Coaching take you to the finish line

Here are some of the items your program will include:
1) Evaluation of athlete history and race goal development;
2) A custom personalized training program delivered by email;
3) Review of your daily training log with appropriate coach made changes in a continuous effort to create the most effective and efficient training program possible;
4) Personal bike fit;
5) E-mail contact to support your training and racing.
6) eTRi Training™

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